We have an older home

We have an older home with a shower/tub and tiled walls. The old subway tile was cemented onto corrugated metal sheeting. We wanted the tile and tub removed, and a new shower installed. Removing the tile and metal sheeting could have been extremely difficult. BathPro handled the assignment properly. After removing the tub, Path Pro showed me some structural issues and explained why they needed to be corrected. I understood why the corrections were needed. Bath Pro was responsive to some design concerns we had and willingly incorporated them into the finished shower. There was also a need for some woodwork/trim to be created and painted which BathPro completed, making the shower area and bathroom look fantastic. Equally important, Bath Pro kept their traffic areas clean and let very, very little dust get outside the bathroom. The shower walls, base and features they recommended were sturdy, colorful and professionally installed.


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